Based in Ludington, Michigan, Grinder Gordie’s German Street Organ provides for a unique, interactive family entertainment experience. Visitor participation is always encouraged with guaranteed FUN and video moments for all ages. Please view the videos below to see and hear how much FUN cranking music is - thanks for stopping by

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What type activities are considered FUN events?
Just about anything where festive music is desired and lots of visitors and families are expected. An organ grinder is a grounds attraction or People Magnet attracting visitors to its sight and lively music. The attraction is highly interactive - audience participation is always encouraged with the cranking of music - a truly unique and memorable experience for all ages – an absolute joy for cell phone video makers!

Opportunities include - Parades, Oktoberfests, Art Fairs, Christmas Season Events, Historical Settings, Community Festivals, Farmers Markets, Fund Raisers, Museums, Cruise Ships, Bazaars, Senior Citizen Activities, Parks & Recreation Events, Homes Tours, Retail Open Houses, Church Events, School Events, anything FUN!

Since 1995 -
Grinder Gordie has entertained in and around the Greater Kansas City Area. Notable venues include the Country Club Plaza Art Fair - Zona Rosa Art Fair - Missouri Council of Arts, Charles Dickens Festival - Worlds of Fun Oktoberfest - Kansas City Oktoberfest - Historic Weston, Leavenworth and Fort Leavenworth Homes Tours - Union Station Kansas City - St Joseph Trails West Art Fair - Others

How do I book Grinder Gordie and what does he cost?
The short answer on cost is usually nothing - I try to volunteer and support local non-profits in West Michigan. Anything is possible for FUN activities – please contact me to discuss the particulars of your event, dates and availability - thanks

Do you have a monkey?
Yes! His name is Franco, but he’s not alive. Franco is an animated, mechanical monkey imported from Germany

What is the Phantom Monkey box?
The Phantom Monkey box is a transportation case used to haul Franco the animated monkey. The box markings attract spectators of all ages – they simply cannot resist the temptation to Take-A-Peek into the box. What’s inside? More guaranteed FUN! Click the video below
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